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Contractor Compliance makes things easy for our clients but we can also make things easier for yours. You have a lot on your plate, why spend the time to become a compliance expert when you can leverage our software to strengthen the value you bring to your network. Whether you are a tech company that can benefit from a tight integration, a consultant on health and safety practices or you have a large network of individuals who could benefit from Contractor Compliance. Let us help you help others!

Technology Partner

Have a complementary software solution that would benefit from an integration with Contractor Compliance? We are open to new integrations to improve both offerings.

Certified Partner

Do you consult on EHS processes? Learn how you can become a value added reseller and offer a best in class solution to your customers.

Referral Partner

Know of hiring organizations that could benefit from Contractor Compliance? Leverage your network to become a referral partner and create opportunities for yourself.

Many hands make light work. We are interested and open to discussing how you or your company would benefit from a partnership with Contractor Compliance. There are countless benefits to connecting with us. Let us know who you are and what type of partnership makes sense for you and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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