We Care About Contractors.

We get it, you have things to do, and dealing with documents is not on top of your list. That's why Contractor Compliance is the simple, cost effective tool to get the job done and move on with your day.

Simply put, we save you time and make things easy.

Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers

Contractor Compliance was founded because there had to be a better way for contractors to submit compliance requirements. We have simplified the document upload process so that anyone can use it. We also simplified the pricing model so it's available to the masses. Welcome to the new and improved way to manage compliance!

Why Contractors Love Us

Simple Uploading

Drag and drop files from your desktop, or take pictures with your mobile device. Document uploading can be that easy.​

Better yet, with Contractor Compliance, you won't be asked for 40+ irrelevant requirements to be completed. Do only what is required for your job.


Contractor Compliance is the most affordable compliance software available! Our pricing is transparent and fair for everyone.

​We also provide award winning customer support for contractors. If you have questions, we are here with answers to make the process easy and quick!


No more surprises when crucial certifications expire. All of your required documentation stays up to date with automated reminders leading up to expiration.

We also send you notifications when new documents are required by your hiring organizations, saving you time and headaches while reducing risk for everyone.

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Contractor App

Contractor Compliance is now available as an application in the App Store for Apple devices. Contractors now have more options to quickly and easily upload requirements for their hiring organizations.

You can download the app by searching Contractor Compliance in the App Store or by clicking the button below.