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Nothing to download or install. If you can use the Internet, you can use Contractor Compliance easily.

Manage Contractors & Monitor Compliance Levels Effectively

Collect, manage and requalify Contractor requirements to ensure compliance, minimize risk and put time back into your day. 

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What is Contractor Compliance?

Great Question! Contractor Compliance is an intuitive software solution that simplifies the process of collecting, managing and re-qualifying contractor documents. If you use third party companies or subcontractors who require valid certifications to do work for you, our platform will alleviate the headaches associated with keeping track of it.  

Analyze, Measure and Improve Your Compliance Levels.

The Tool Industry Professionals Use

Improve compliance by managing requirements and tasks in real time.

Monitor & Approve Contractors

You set the requirements by Contractor role, site, etc.

Fully Configurable

Easy access to all your information without messy spreadsheets and folders.

All In One Place

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface on desktop and mobile devices.

Simple Communication

Send notices, reminders and requests directly from the platform.

Automated Requalification

Proactive notifications to Contractors  save time.

Simple & Affordable Contractor Management Software For Everyone

What Our Customers Are Saying on

"Signing up was easy and effortless. The software has allowed us to streamline all of our contractor health and safety documentation into one platform.. at no cost! Our only regret is not having partnered with Contractor Compliance sooner!"

"Simply put, It's user friendly. A simple tool and or solution that has removed countless hours of follow ups and eased the complexity of tracking our vendors. It has allowed me to monitor our contractors and ensure they are compliant to our needs and requirements."

"While the software is what we were interested in, it was the amazing customer service that really made our on-boarding so simple. They took a complicated process and made it easy and quick. The team stays on top of everything and becomes an extension of our team. "

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Food Processing

VP of Operations


Compliance Leader