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Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based software that empowers organizations to easily collect, track and manage third-party contractor and vendor compliance requirements. Ditch your manual spreadsheets and access contractor information instantly from any device, anywhere at any time.

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Stop wasting your time

Manually tracking Contractor compliance requirements in 2022 is like using an abacus for trigonometry. You have a list as long as your arm of other things to do so why spend unnecessary time chasing Contractors for documents?

Stop wasting your money

Somebody is manually checking requirements for each Contractor, or nobody is and your company could get hit with a huge lawsuit. Either-or, you are spending more money to do this task than you need to.

Start using our software

Automating your Contractor management process is a must in 2022. Using Contractor Compliance will be faster, less expensive and more accurate than doing it the old fashioned way. Get a free demo so we can show you how it works!

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Analyze, measure and improve compliance in one place

Benefits of Contractor Compliance

Monitor & Approve Contractors

Improve compliance by managing requirements and tasks in real time.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface on desktop and mobile devices.

Fully Configurable

You set the requirements by Contractor role, site, etc.

Simple Communication

Send notices, reminders and requests directly from the platform.

All In One Place

Easy access to all your information without messy spreadsheets and folders.

Automated Requalification

Proactive notifications to Contractors  save time.

Client reviews you can trust

"This software has made it significantly easier to manage required documentation that is being requested by contractors. The ability to approve or reject documents has been absolutely amazing in giving contractors feedback."
Melissa F
EHS Specialist
"Signing up was easy and effortless. The software has allowed us to streamline all of our contractor health and safety documentation into one platform.. at no cost! Our only regret is not having partnered with Contractor Compliance sooner!"
Kelly G
Health & Safety Specialist
"Contractor Compliance saves me so much time! We are now saving tons of time not having to reach out to contractors manually through countless calls and emails to reach our compliance obligations."
Sophie M
Health & Safety Manager
"We needed a contractor qualification solution that provided value at a significant cost reduction to other platforms. Contractor compliance delivered a solution that has checked every box."
Adam B
HSE Director

Make Compliance Easy

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