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Stop Wasting Your Time.

Why Compliance?

Bottom line, compliance matters. Some people may think it's dull, but we don't think it has to be.  We genuinely care about it and understand its impact. Compliance helps everyone. Being compliant makes organizations more efficient and mitigates risk, it makes contractors more safe and productive, it also helps the economy overall. So why is it so challenging for organizations to pursue high levels of compliance for their third party contractors?  Why are there barriers to entry everywhere you look? Our thoughts exactly.

Why Do Organizations Still Struggle?

Traditional solutions came in to save the day when the largest organizations in highly regulated industries (coincidently with the deepest pockets and the richest resources) started to pursue contractor compliance initiatives.  Solutions were created to help large companies hire and manage large third party contractors. But that isn't the world we live in today, and the market told us exactly what we needed to hear.  We kept hearing that existing solutions didn't make sense for the majority of the market. They were either too confusing, too challenging to implement, or simply way too expensive. They wondered why there couldn't be a simple, affordable and scalable solution to help them pursue heightened levels of contractor compliance. So, we went to work!

There's a New Sheriff in Town.

Contractor Compliance was born to provide an offering that brings compliance tracking of third party workers into the 21st century. It's for everyone! We are affordable, offer turn-key implementation and help you scale to the needs of your business with ease. You can manage 5 contractors, 50, or even 5000 contractors, we don't care; compliance doesn't have a shape, size or label. Compliance is binary, you either are or you aren't, there is no almost. There is no excuse for not being compliant in today's landscape with a tool like Contractor Compliance filling the void that traditional solutions have ignored for years on end.

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Mark Bania

Co-Founder & CEO

Jeremy Brown

Co-Founder & President