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A Solution For Everyone

Tired of making recommendations to your clients that don't get off the ground? We get it.  Sometimes resources are thin and finding budget can be difficult, but what if you could recommend a solution that's both free and turnkey? Oh, and don't forget it solves a big challenge your clients may be struggling with. Managing contractor and subcontractor documents is tedious and inaccurate when done manually. It's 2020, this process should be automated by now. Contractor Compliance is a solution that you can recommend with confidence & implement with ease.

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What is a Certified Partner?

As a Certified Partner you are empowered to introduce Contractor Compliance to your customers. You'd be trained on our solution, the benefits we offer and our process to onboard new customers. Should you identify a customer with a need and we onboard them, you'd also receive a revenue share. That's one sweet deal!

Certified Partner Program Details

1) Reach out to us through our lead form below.
2) Receive Certified Partnership Package.
3) Take Certified Partnership training session (1 hour).
4) You're off to the races!!!

It's a win-win-win. Spend five minutes showing each customer this opportunity to easily manage their contractors for free and we reward you handsomely. Sound good? We think so too. 

Let's Partner Up!

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