Aug 16, 2016

What Documentation Should You Be Collecting From Your Third Party Contractors?

Contractor Compliance is the easy way to request, view, and store compliance data from your contractor workforce. But in order to ensure you are meeting regulatory standards, just what documentation should you be asking for from your third party workers? Let us guide you through the documentation, working information, qualifications and skill sets you should be looking for, and that contractors should be providing evidence of.

Tick All The Boxes

You’re looking for the right team to do the job, and that means hiring contractors who can prove they are qualified to undertake the work they’re hired for. Request evidence of qualifications that are relevant to the tasks involved in your project, such as licences for operating the appropriate machinery, test results and certifications for skilled trades.

Play By The Rules

To ensure you are meeting official Government requirements and working in-line with regulatory obligations, it’s essential that you request and keep the appropriate documents, such as insurance certificates and waivers. Storing this information within the central hub of our software will give you a dated trail to prove compliance.

Identify All Individuals

Reduce liability and maximize compliance by keeping detailed track of the on-site staff of your contractors. Third party workers should be stored by name and qualifications, allowing you to assess and monitor the individuals behind the contracts. Be sure to gather this information for your records from your contractor company.

Be Properly Equipped

As well as the credentials of on-site personnel, you’ll also need to ask for details of the equipment that is being used on your sites. Listing this information will allow you to better understand the work that is being carried out, and any provisions that need to be made, as well as showing you what machinery licences and skills need to be submitted by your contractors.

See How Contractor Compliance Supports Third Party Documentation

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