Mar 20, 2023

Three Benefits of Workforce Compliance Software

Key Takeaways:

  • Workforce compliance software is a category of digital solutions aimed at helping organizations achieve compliance with their workforces.
  • The rapid adoption of such digital tools comes with a collective overhaul of the world starting to rethink safety and how they can create better work environments.
  • Workforce compliance is significant because it is both a legal and social obligation. You must abide by the standards set out by governing bodies, as well as safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of your workforce.
  • The use of workforce compliance software stands to offer organizations numerous benefits such as:
  • Less time spent on administrative tasks. Subsequently, more time to spend on operational tasks that better your business.
  • Effective contractor management programs that account for the safety and compliance of your third-party workforce.
  • An overall increase in safety standards due to being able to track and manage your workforce more effectively.

Safety has become an increasingly important initiative for organizations across the globe. With pandemics, shifting social structures, new findings on workplace safety and much more, a focus on compliance has become paramount to success. Organizations are starting to restructure how they define safety, rethink the approaches they take to improving their workplaces, and take more of a hands-on approach that includes open communication with their workforce.

When a demand for increased safety practices is present, the market naturally begins to supply certain solutions aimed at filling those gaps in organizations’ safety programs. One of the many ways that has come to fruition is through the implementation and development of workforce compliance software. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what it is, how it can help your organization, and how you can begin implementing digital solutions in an effort to create a safe and compliant workplace.

What is Workforce Compliance Software?

They are a category of software solutions aimed at streamlining the processes in which you ensure compliance within your organization. Such software provides organizations a centralized platform where they can deal with all compliance matters in an accurate and efficient manner. Examples include contractor management software, visitor sign-in systems, and safety training platforms.

Why Does it Matter?

Simply put, compliance is a legal and social obligation. Governing bodies such as OSHA expect you to comply with the safety standards set out in order to safeguard your business and your workforce, and internal stakeholders value compliance as means of well-intentioned business conduct and social stability within their organization. Software plays a big role in the importance of compliance as it provides organizations with the ability to effectively track and manage their safety programs and steer clear from any added liability that stems from noncompliance.


The advantages of using workforce compliance software often outweigh the benefits afforded by alternative options such as manual compliance management, or third-party services that complete these tasks on your behalf. Furthermore, they can help make a lasting impact on your workforces’ perception of workplace safety once you have a proactive grip on what effective management looks like. Of the many benefits afforded to organizations who utilize software, key factors that stand out are; a significant reduction in time wasted, more effective contractor management practices, and an overall improvement in safety standards.

  1. More time on your hands

- Time is an essential yet finite business resource. With the countless operations that take time out of your day, workforce management doesn’t have to be one of them. Software ensures that your tasks are organized, streamlined, and automated wherever possible so that you could get back to doing what matters most. Furthermore, such solutions also drastically reduce the margin for delays. We all know it all too well, you’re ready to start a project but you’re still chasing one contractor for outstanding documentation. Having this solution on hand ensures that such scenarios are a thing of the past.

  1. More effective contractor management

- Depending on the nature of your business, contractors may make up a great portion of your operations. Not to mention, a third-party workforce affords you many benefits such as lower costs, flexibility within your projects, and much more. With that being said, it’s important to effectively manage your contractors to ensure that you remain compliant. Software helps organizations easily on board and train contractors, store and manage documents, pull audit-ready safety reports, and much more. Overall, businesses use such digital tools to implement contractor management into their wider safety programs and account for compliance on all levels of the business.

  1. Better safety standards

- Workforce compliance software provides you with insights about your workers that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Just having that information available whenever you need it can make all the difference to your safety program. In result, you’re able to raise the general safety standards of your workplace by having all the data you need to make more informed decisions.

Implementing digital solutions:

Depending on where you’re at with your EHS efforts, you may be thinking of implementing a tool to assist you in creating a steadfast safety program. First, identify your organization’s pain points to determine where your resources are best used. For example, if you lack structure in your employee training program, you may want to explore the use of a training solution that helps your workforce get up to speed quicker. If you have workplace hazards that go unattended for too long, a reporting software may help you. If you work with external contractors and need to develop a compliance program, a contractor management software may be what you need. When you’re looking to implement a new solution, first define what it is that you plan to achieve and what features you believe will benefit your goal the most. Organizations in their purchasing process will often assess other factors too such as cost, speed to implementation, flexibility, and support.

Closing Remarks:

Workforce compliance software is quickly becoming a dominant safety solution for various industries across the globe. With companies striving for increased efficiency, more comprehensive safety standards, and a grasp on the ever changing state of EHS, such software offers them the means to consistently hit compliance targets and advance workplace safety.

About the Author

Addison Moore
Director of Marketing at Contractor Compliance

Addison has spent the last four years learning from and participating in the Health & Safety community. He has travelled to numerous EHS conferences, trade shows and events with the intention of helping organizations with their contractor management programs. Addison is also responsible for curating the collection of white papers, case studies and eBooks that provide real world insights into the workforce safety space.

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