Nov 26, 2018

How To Achieve 100% Compliance Without Losing Your Mind

From Our CEO, Mark Bania:

Since joining Contractor Compliance, I have been asked a similar question by dozens of people. “How is it possible to achieve 100% compliance with my contractors? It just can’t be done. I’ve tried it all!”

Now let’s be honest, a lot of factors play into achieving 100% compliance. The number of contractors you rely on, the scope of their work and the geographical territory you operate in all play a part.

There are however some basic building blocks that I believe enable organizations to strive for 100% contractor compliance and make it achievable.

Leverage Technology. Maintaining high compliance levels boils down to efficiency in collecting and managing information. Doing this without some level of technology to automate the heavy limiting will slow you down tremendously.

Experience Matters. Your contractors are asked to do a lot, and for a lot of customers. Ensuring that the process is not just simple for you, but also simple for them is critical to ensure high levels of adoption and accurate completion of tasks.

Have One Consistent Process. This is a big one. Lots of customers I talk to are managing two processes. Collecting data one way for large contractors (technology), another way for small contractors (folders & spreadsheets). All this does is complicate things internally and multiply out your effort to ensure both processes are up to date.

Don’t Break THEIR Bank. This is a big one, and ties in closely to point #3. Contractors have a lot of expenses they need to manage. Think about your smaller contractors who are significant to the success of your business. Asking them to pay over $750 to register for a program to send you this data is often a barrier for these contractors that they simply can’t take on….especially when they’re being asked to incur this financial burden from multiple hiring organizations. If the financial burden is too high, you may be stuck managing two processes even if you really want to commit to one.

At Contractor Compliance, we strive to help Hiring Organizations with all four of these key building blocks. We are the most cost effective technology for both Hiring Organizations and Contractors to manage compliance in a simple and easy to use experience for everyone. From the two phone calls it takes to go live as a Hiring Organization, to our simple document upload process for Contractors, we really can help Hiring Organizations achieve 100% contractor compliance without the headaches of the past.

About the Author

Addison Moore
Director of Marketing at Contractor Compliance

Addison has spent the last four years learning from and participating in the Health & Safety community. He has travelled to numerous EHS conferences, trade shows and events with the intention of helping organizations with their contractor management programs. Addison is also responsible for curating the collection of white papers, case studies and eBooks that provide real world insights into the workforce safety space.

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