How Hiram Walker is Helping Fight COVID 19

Hiram Walker & Sons are synonymous with Canadian Whiskey but they are now also known for their efforts to combat COVID-19. They have added a crucial item to their production that will help Windsor and Toronto flatten the curve. Hand sanitizer is in short supply in Canada and Hiram Walker is doing their part to create as much of it as possible for the foreseeable future.

"In coordination with local and senior levels of government, we are utilizing our production capacity and Windsor distillery to help provide hand sanitizer to areas where it is in need," said Corby Spirit and Wine, the company which manages the Hiram Walker distillery, in a statement on Thursday March 19th.

The hand sanitizer will be produced in conjunction with Hiram Walker's regular products, according to the distillery's manufacturing manager Han Ha — and will be donated "where needed" in Windsor, as well as to the TTC in Toronto.

According to Ha, the team at Hiram Walker met with officials at Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens' office to identify where bottles of hand sanitizer would be most needed, including police and fire stations, hospitals and the Canadian Border Services Agency office.

How Contractor Compliance Helps Hiram Walker:

Hiram Walker & Sons uses Contractor Compliance to help them collect, manage and requalify all of their third-party contractor requirements.

The relationships we hold at Contractor Compliance – like this one above – are of even more importance during a global pandemic as the health & safety of staff and all visitors (especially contractors essential to day-to-day operations) is the highest priority. This includes not only maintaining a high standard of assessing mandatory regulatory requirements – but now communicating COVID-19 policies and procedures. It’s all about the health & safety of EVERYONE in a pandemic.

Companies who want to improve their health and safety process during these turbulent times are turning to our software to help. To learn more about our software please reach out for a demo.

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