Contractor Safety Management: What is it?

What is Contractor Safety Management?

No matter your role at your company, you always strive to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible to minimize risk and increase efficiency. Part of making sure operations remain smooth sailing is ensuring an efficient strategy to safely manage contractors. Contractor safety management is a long-term action plan that addresses and manages the health and safety risks involved when hiring third party workers to fulfill job duties at your organization. Within this planning lies numerous processes that aid in ensuring that all third party activity remains compliant and supports your organization’s performance objectives relating to health and safety. These processes are strategically aimed at fulfilling compliance standards through practices such as efficient onboarding, training, and pre qualification frameworks. To address said processes, it is important to first identify who is responsible for what and how each relevant party can implement an aspect of their own safety practices to contribute to a wider strategy.

Who is Responsible For Your Contractor Management Process?

The short answer? Everyone is responsible. With that said, this is often regarded as an intricate process that requires the involvement of all parties to ensure cohesion and consistency within an organization’s efforts. Each role within a company is responsible for the health and safety of the organization as a whole, including the roles of external hires. While success in safety requires a team effort, not every effort will look the same. For an EHS professional, that effort may look like the planning of an onboarding process. For a contractor, being proactive may look like ensuring they’re able to produce valid certifications when requested. Either way, the internal and external roles within a business all rely on each other to remain compliant and aware of health and safety measures. This is because the practices of one individual can cast a wide impact on the entire company and its reputation.

Why is Contractor Safety Important?

Whether you’re a manager, director, or otherwise in a non-managerial role, contractor safety is a crucial aspect of daily operations that makes its way down the funnel of an entire organization. In other words, everyone makes and experiences an impact. This alone is enough reason to practice efficient safety standards, but the importance of it stretches further than just its core principles. Implementing proper protocols saves time and money. The cost of dealing with an incident on a job site far outweighs the costs associated with ensuring you have set up the correct protocols in place. Should an incident occur, effective management helps in decreasing your company’s potential liability, which in turn prevents a loss of money and admin time that could’ve been allocated to other operations. The burdens of workplace safety will often fall on the company’s shoulders, so they are responsible for implementing a sustainable process that safeguards their employees and contractors at the job site. Practicing effective measures can also benefit your organization’s reputation. By working with organizations that are in line with compliance standards, you are afforded the benefit of retaining a positive public perception. Failing to do so may hinder business performance both internally and externally.

How Can Contractor Compliance Help?

Depending on how you look at it, contractor safety management may be a productive part of your role, or it could become a daunting task with seemingly endless responsibilities that take away from your job. Either way, managing this aspect of an organization is inevitable. Companies will often opt for rudimentary processes that turn contractor safety management into an endless loop of counterproductive administrative work, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Contractor Compliance's software is fully loaded with turnkey features aimed at ensuring businesses have real time visibility of their compliance measures and how they’re performing, therefore streamlining the contractor safety process into one that is linear, convenient, and reliable.

One of Contractor Compliance software's most popular native features is the ability to view real time compliance levels. The real time compliance display helps answer three primary questions - Has the contractor provided all the relevant information that you’ve requested? Do they meet all the requirements to complete the job? Are any of their credentials lapsed, or is everything up to date? Having this information visible and current at all times provides businesses with the necessary insight to make safety related decisions with confidence. This also speeds up the process of training and onboarding third party hires by presenting the business with all the relevant information in one place prior to them beginning their work.

Contractor Compliance was built on the philosophy that prevention is the best cure. That’s why Contractor Compliance’s digital solution intricately and effectively filters out all low quality contractors to ensure that you hire third parties who will not be a liability in the future. Contractors are filtered based on aspects such as history of incidents, validity of licenses and certifications, and historical data on their compliance levels. This feature has ushered in a new wave of safety awareness for many of the companies that use Contractor Compliance such as Genpak, Jameson, and Klein Tools. It has helped businesses source the most reputable third party contractors to complete jobs at their sites.

The software also features seamless reporting that provides audit-ready insights at immediate notice. This tool allows health and safety professionals to make data-backed decisions in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. Reports are also easily shareable and accessible providing heightened communication with an organization. Contractor Compliance’ digital solution is designed in a manner that understands the value of time while still helping businesses keep up with safety standards. All these measures are aimed at minimizing risk, so having these insights readily available allows organizations to forecast any potential safety hazards and address them before they arise.

Furthermore, what is arguably Contractor Compliance’ most valuable feature is that the platform is fully configurable, making it compatible with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the industry, business type, size, and other factors, your contractor safety management criteria may differ from another business’. Having flexibility over the configuration of how your business implements the software affords you the benefit of creating a personalized system that maximizes that amount of time and money you save. All of these essential elements are packaged into a single ‘source of truth’ that gives the organization full control over their practices. The configuration of Contractor Compliance is performed alongside a stellar support team that takes the time to understand your organizations’ specific requirements and how they can best be achieved.

This is the only solution on the market that provides ultimate convenience, accessibility, and flexibility at absolutely no cost to the organization. In addition, onboarding your company and contractors onto the software is a quick and easy process. Automating your contractor safety management will allow you to get back to your primary operations while being at ease knowing that your compliance measures are working in the background for you. Are you ready to join a growing family of businesses that use Contractor Compliance to solve all of their contractor safety needs? Talk to one of our experts today to book a demo!

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