May 9, 2019

Contractor Compliance & MAPLElink

Contractor Compliance is proud to announce a new Certified Partnership with Brazilian based MAPLElink. Through this partnership, Contractor Compliance can now provide an added level of local support to Brazilian hiring organizations as part of the MAPLElink group of customers. This partnership will help contribute to a global movement focused on improving health and safety awareness.

MAPLElink provides integrated IoT  solutions to customers in Latin America, recognized for providing innovative technology offerings to its customers.

"Contractor Compliance is thrilled to partner with MAPLElink" says Mark Bania, Chief Executive Officer of Contractor Compliance.  "Through this partnership we have the opportunity to forge forward with our goal of simplifying third party compliance management globally.  MAPLElink is known for their customer centric approach and will ensure that our mutual customers have the highest level of support and the best possible experience in leveraging our offering to meet the requirements of their organizations." This partnership highlights yet another step towards achieving renowned global compliance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all business, individuals, and third-party contractors.

Contractor Compliance is a SaaS solution that enables organizations to collect, manage and re-qualify third party contractor requirements. With simplicity at the core of its DNA, Contractor Compliance ensures that all organizations have the ability to optimize contractor management with ease and efficiency.

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