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We all understand the importance of maintaining up to date requirements for all of our contractors.  However, we continue to hear about the challenges hiring organizations face with respect to ensuring only compliant contractors are granted access to their facilities or job sites.  Some reasons for this are:

Paper Sign In: The number of hiring organizations still relying on paper sign-in books is staggering. Asking for someone to scribble their name on a piece of paper (in illegible handwriting to bat) doesn’t do anything to ensure visitors have met mandatory requirements.

Unmanned Entrances: Many hiring organizations have multiple points of entry that often are unmanned.  How is one to validate a contractors compliance levels when they can freely enter and leave a facility?

New Faces: Often times contracted companies will send a new team member to a job. If their first visit to your facility is your first interaction with this individual, it’s incredibly unlikely that you have a record of them meeting all of their mandatory requirements.

Contractor Compliance now has the ability to solve for these challenges through integrated visitor management solutions.  Leveraging iPad-based Self-Check-In and ID Scanner-enabled Assisted Check-In customers of Contractor Compliance can elect to validate contractor compliance profiles at all points of entry through best-in-class technology.


Contractors sign in or scan their ID enabling Contractor Compliance to check if this contractor has met their mandatory requirements to be on site.

How It Works


Configurable emails to the host, the contractor or the contracted company’s admin can be sent to notify designated users of non-compliant visitors due to missing or out-of-date requirements.

Real Time Tracking

Contractor profiles are updated to all of your check-in points in real time. A contractor can now upload a requirement from their phone in your lobby and be granted access as a compliant visitor within seconds.

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Contractor Compliance is proud to partner with Traction Guest for Visitor Management solutions.

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