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Manually tracking contractor compliance requirements in 2020 is like using an abacus for trigonometry. You have a list as long as your arm of other things to do so why spend unnecessary time chasing contractors for documents?   

Companies That Trust Contractor Compliance

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"Deciding to partner with Contractor Compliance was a great choice. We are now saving tons of time not having to reach out to Contractors manually through countless calls/emails to reach our compliance obligations."

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Health & Safety Manager - Jervis B Webb


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Improve Compliance in 3 Easy Steps

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Swap out email attachments, hard copy documents and (heaven forbid) faxes, for a simple dashboard. Contractor Compliance enables contractors to upload documents by dragging and dropping files on their desktop or taking pictures on their mobile devices. Everything is visible online in real time, seamlessly. How easy is that?

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Tracking compliance levels and renewal dates on a spreadsheet? Unsure which contractors have documents outstanding? Contractor Compliance automates this entire process for you. Our dashboard displays past-due requests, upcoming renewals and compliance levels for all contractors and their staff, all in one place.

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Tired of chasing down contractors for updated requirements? We get it. That's why Contractor Compliance does the heavy lifting for you. Automated notifications go out to all contractors for upcoming renewals, saving you time and resources. Bye bye headaches and chasing people for expired certs.

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"Signing up was easy and effortless. The software has allowed us to streamline all of our contractor health and safety documentation into one platform.. at no cost! Our only regret is not having partnered with Contractor Compliance sooner!"

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"While the software is what we were interested in, it was the amazing customer service that really made our on-boarding so simple. They took a complicated process and made it easy and quick. The team stays on top of everything and becomes an extension of our team. "

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Compliance Leader


Analyze, Measure and Improve Your Compliance Levels.

Monitor & Approve Contractors

Improve compliance by managing requirements and tasks in real time.

Fully Configurable

You set the requirements by Contractor role, site, etc.

All In One Place

Easy access to all your information without messy spreadsheets and folders.

Ease of Use

Intuitive user interface on desktop and mobile devices.

Simple Communication

Send notices, reminders and requests directly from the platform.

Automated Requalification

Proactive notifications to Contractors  save time.

Visitor Management

Contractor Compliance is now partnered with Traction Guest to offer Visitor Management.  Customers of Contractor Compliance can now enable Visitor Management to verify that visitors have met all mandatory requirements at the point of check-in to a facility or job site. Click the button below for more information on our Visitor Management solution.

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Hear From a Contractor Compliance User

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Owen Poel is the Plant Projects & Environmental Coordinator for Bonduelle. Their food production company relies on Contractor Compliance to collect, manage and requalify third party Contractor requirements. He provided a video testimonial that you should definitely check out before getting a free demo.

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