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Manage Your Contractors for Free With Ease

Stop Wasting Your Time.

Manually tracking contractor compliance requirements in 2019 is like using an abacus for trigonometry. You have a list as long as your arm of other things to do so why spend unnecessary time chasing contractors for documents?   

Improve Compliance in 3 Easy Steps


Swap out email attachments, hard copy documents and (heaven forbid) faxes, for a simple dashboard. Contractor Compliance enables contractors to upload documents by dragging and dropping files on their desktop or taking pictures on their mobile devices. Everything is visible online in real time, seamlessly. How easy is that?


Tracking compliance levels and renewal dates on a spreadsheet? Unsure which contractors have documents outstanding? Contractor Compliance automates this entire process for you. Our dashboard displays past-due requests, upcoming renewals and compliance levels for all contractors and their staff, all in one place.


Tired of chasing down contractors for updated documents? We get it. That's why Contractor Compliance does the heavy lifting for you. Automated notifications go out to all contractors for upcoming renewals, saving you time and resources. Bye bye headaches.

People Love Our Compliance Software!

Why Choose Us Over The Other Guys?

Video Testimonial of the Month

Owen from Bonduelle had some very nice things to say about using our contractor management software to prepare for any future compliance audits. 

"Contractor Compliance has eliminated the need for an archaic paper process and the added benefit of a storage system for training documents has been helpful for smaller businesses in particular."


Safety & Training Manager



To Use

Nothing to download or install. If you can use the Internet, you can use Contractor Compliance easily.



We send reminders when documents are expiring which saves you time, money and hassles. 

We Do The Onboarding

We'll tidy up your list of contractors and help them register to meet your compliance standards.

Turnkey Implementation

Give us two phone calls and two weeks to watch your compliance levels soar to new heights!

The Tool Industry Professionals Use

We get that you're busy, but countless organizations are saving hours of tedious work by leveraging Contractor Compliance. Give us 15 minutes of your time for a short demo and we could put hours back into your work week. Oh, and did we mention that we're free to use for Hiring Organizations? Good luck finding a better deal than that.

Contractor Compliance is now partnered with Traction Guest to offer Visitor Management.  Customers of Contractor Compliance can now enable Visitor Management to verify that visitors have met all mandatory requirements at the point of check-in to a facility or job site. Click the button below for more information on our Visitor Management solution.